The Prince of the Border (Book 2)

It’s the height of the Great Recession, and Roddy and Grace, partners in The Purple Heart Detective Agency, have fallen upon hard times. Reduced to repo work and shilling for the Military Industrial Complex, they are barely scraping by. But then a new case arrives, and suddenly all hell breaks loose! In a single week, the two wounded warriors are forced to battle the Mexican drug cartel, remnants of the Iraqi resistance, a Los Angeles street gang, and the Russian sex trade mob.

With new 10517012_sfriends and old enemies, Roddy and Grace bang heads and empty clips as they pursue answers—answers that may destroy the lives of those they have sworn to protect. The two detectives, surrounded by the band of brothers who helped them survive the Iraq War, will be forced the make deals with the very devils they seek to line up in the crosshairs. And while the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the body count continues to rise. The Prince of the Border begins with rush of adrenaline and stokes the flames until the final scene. Don’t miss this edgy noir classic!

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