penny_14449417_mlPenny looked a lot different. His hair was long, in fact shoulder length, parted down the middle and pushed back behind his ears. He sported an earring in his right ear and he wore gray high top Nikes, black jeans, and a steel gray tee with the logo “Call of Duty MW3” emblazoned across his massive chest. If anything, Penny looked younger than he had in Iraq. His physique was shocking. His arms seems on the verge of bursting through his shirt. And despite his bulked up chest, his waist was narrow and cinched with a western belt buckle. In Iraq, Penny’s face had always been a bit round, but now all of his baby fat was gone. Now in its place, all I saw was a hard man. Penny, I could tell, was now a professional warrior– by attitude, by lifestyle, and by training. Penny was now a mercenary. Anyone who didn’t think twice about screwing with him was making a huge mistake.

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