RoBo_20994889_mlRobinson Bonney, aka Robo, was a little fuller in weight now, though still quite thin. The Alabama native had been rail thin in Iraq. He was 6-4, but probably still only tipped the scales at 185 now and he was probably 20 pounds heavier since I had last seen him. Robo’s head was shaved bald and his face was clean shaven too. Robo’s eyes were blue, and though his gaze could look kindly upon you, when his eyes hardened and his thin lips stretched into a flat line, he gave no quarter. Robo had led men into battle. He had lived to tell the tale, but he had been forever changed. Some men face life-altering injuries needing pity. Robo took it as an affront. He only became tougher after Fallujah. I could see a steel edge in his eyes and the set of his jaw now. Still I thought I could detect a slight weariness about him, maybe one that comes from chronic pain.

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